Thursday, 30 May 2013

Not Formerly, yet ....

Picked up a flyer for a rather fab looking event at Cottiers Kelvinbridge. 'The Way of the Drum'  - Taiko concerts on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st June  (£18/£10) and a taster workshop in Taiko drumming - Friday 21st June 1-3pm (£10).

It seems that the big building with the pointy steeple at 416 Great Western Road is  'Formerly Lansdowne Church'. Now, I know what the flyer is trying to say, however it ain't quite 'formerly' yet.  More 'in a state of transition', which is a harder thing to describe.

Suffice to say, the building and various parties associated with it are in the middle of a delicate process of changing ownership, overlapping new and old uses, and a new thing coming about.

Much to ponder, as ever.

Back again,...

Kirk session meeting tonight, West End Parish Grouping Brazil Evening tomorrow night, West End Festival happenings, church service this Sunday at 11 am ... onwards and upwards.