Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Away, away, away, ...

Roy Henderson, he said in the third person, will be away from 22nd-29th May. During that time, Rev Gordon Kirkwood of Kelvin Stevenson Memorial Church is on pastoral duty and Rev Kathy Galloway will conduct the service in Lansdowne (upstairs hall as usual) at 11am on Sunday 26th May.

Today, at the GA, 3.....

... you know the drill. Click here.

Might be interesting to see if Social Care, Mission, Middle East (yesterday), and Church and Society etc., today, merit the airspace of other, albeit important, matters? I'm just saying, you know!

PS - RH will be incommunicado for a bit. So days 4 and 5 are up to you....

Monday, 20 May 2013

Today at the General Assembly

The media, old, new, terrestrial, printed, digital and whatever are busy with this. Here is the link for what the General Assembly decided today, just so you can read it and make up your own mind.