Wednesday, 4 December 2013

New created...

'...dipped again in God and new created' *
Lansdowne and Kelvin Stevenson Memorial Parish Chrches will be 'new created' by a service of Union on Thursday 5th December 7pm Belmont St, to form Kelvinbridge Parish Church.

* from Shadows by DH Lawrence

Monday, 2 December 2013

Now is the moment...and so we go...

This was the beginning of worship yesterday
'Now is the moment...
Now is the moment to give thanks for past blessings
Now is the moment to make ready for a new thing'

Thank-you to friends old and new who filled the hall with song on our last Sunday in Lansdowne, and to all who worked right up to the end to make it all happen.

This was the close of worship
'Fed and blessed
Let us go from this place
to feed others, to share, to heal,
in the name of Jesus
Let us go from this place 
to wherever God leads us
to whatever God would have us do,
held in love, clothed in light.'

sharing the grace and
'Thuma Mina -Send me Jesus'

and so we go....

Monday, 25 November 2013

Gathered and Scattered

Very happy to welcome a new member yesterday. Many thanks to Fiona Lillie for leading such a meaningful service. 

Now we look towards our last service as the Lansdowne congregation this coming Sunday. We would love those who can to come and give us a good send off, or send us a happy memory of this place and people, before we move on - some together to Kelvinbridge Parish Church, and some in other directions - all to new beginnings.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bonny fat blue doves

At the Anniversary Dinner on Sunday we were able to present Roy (Rev Roy Henderson) with the second part of his leaving present. In spite of her being very busy working on tapestries at Stirling Castle we had been very fortunate to be able to commission Emma Jo Webster to weave two small tapestries. These were based on a small image taken from one of the amazing stained glass windows in Lansdowne made about 100 years ago by her great grandfather Alf Webster.These tapestries were sewn on to a preaching scarf made by another friend of Lansdowne, Susan McLachlan.Here are a few pictures of this unique gift.( See more photographs of the windows on the Flickr pages for Alf Webster and Lansdowne Church ) Four Acres Charitable Trust have set up a fund for the restoration of the window from which these images are taken.


If you are far away, say south of the river in Glasgow, up north or even in Englandshire, and have fond memories of Lansdowne Parish Church, please post a few words that we can share at our last ever service on 1st Dec. Thanks

and finally.....

Sunday 24th Nov. morning worship led by Rev Fiona Lillie.

Sunday 1st December, 1st Sunday in Advent and the LAST ever,ever,ever service of Lansdowne Parish Church!
Friends old and new, aquaintances, hangers on, passers-by, all very welcome to come and give us a good send-off! 11am in Lansdowne.

Thursday 5th December 7pm Service of Union at Kelvin Stevenson Memorial Church, Belmont St.

Monday, 18 November 2013

What a lovely day!

We had a great day yesterday, celebrating the 150th Anniversary of both the building at Lansdowne and the congregation, beginning with an uplifting and inspiring service led by Rev Dr Laurence Whitley.
We continued with a dinner and entertainment in the evening.We'd a specially made DVD to watch, with copies to take away in a goody bag, along with a booklet of stories, and other good things to mark the occassion.
A big 'thank-you' to speakers, singers, musicians, caterers, roadies and guests who brought so much to the evening. A special thanks to the team who made it all happen with hours of work, Carol, Carol and Beatrice, and to Heather who brought it all together with such flair and imagination.
An unforgetable day! 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Celebrate a century and a half

This Sunday, 17th November at 11am join us for a service to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Lansdowne Parish Church.  This will be lead by Rev. Dr. Laurence Whitley, minister at Glasgow Cathedral. All Welcome.

The long-goodbye!

Big news! A new journey for the folk of Lansdowne Parish Church and Kelvin Stevenson Memorial Church has begun. On Sunday past both congregations voted for the union of the two congregations and last night at Glasgow Presbytery this was confirmed, with the new congregation being called Kelvinbridge Parish Church. The Service of Union will be on 5th December 7pm in Kelvin Stevenson Memorial Church, all friends, fellow travellers and hangers-on  warmly invited This will mean that the last Sunday on which we worship as LPC will be Sun 1st Dec...more about that later...

Monday, 11 November 2013

Wearing well

Not looking bad for her age! 
The first service was held here on 6th December 1863.

What else happened in 1863?
Jan 1st - Emancipation Proclamation (ending slavery) issued by Lincoln

Jan 10th- 1st underground railway opens in London

It was the middle of the American Civil War
1-3 July: Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. With 50,000 casualties it was one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War and a crucial victory for the North. President Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg address on 19 November at the dedication of the National Cemetery on the battlefield.
26 October: The Football Association met for the first time in London. Protracted arguments over codifying the new game led to some schools and clubs breaking away in December to follow the Rugby rules.

In addition to the flushing toilet and four-wheel roller skate (courtesy of American inventor James Plimpton), other new-fangled creations were the fire extinguisher, the process for making colour photos, and the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. West Virginia was also created, becoming the 35th state of the USA..

 Victoria had been Queen for 27 years and France was still a monarchy (again). Italy was well on its way to becoming one state but Germany still was fragmented.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Looking back and looking forward

Two important things this Sunday at Lansdowne ...

Service of Remembrance

followed by a congregational meeting to vote on the Union with Kelvin Stevenson Memorial Church

Friday, 1 November 2013

Tea 'n talk

Something will be happening on Wednesdays....
13th, 20th, 27th November
Between 2pm and 4pm
At the church,
Lansdowne that is
There will be tea...
There might be coffee
and perhaps least a biscuit, or two
and talk 
about change 
and how it might go
You might want to come
You'd be very welcome.
We might have a book exchange...
You could bring your knitting..

More details soon

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Coming up this week

Thursday night 7:30 Kirk Session

Sunday 3rd Nov
Rev Sandra Black will lead morning worship with the
celebration of communion.

Earlier start

Sunday 10th November the morning service for

Remembrance Sunday will begin at 10:45am and will be 

led by Rev. Penny Stuart

Vote and Vote again!

Following the morning service on 3rd Nov there will be a

congregational meeting for members and adherents to

vote to formalise the West End Parish Grouping of


On 10th Nov. there will also be a congregational meeting

for members and adherents of Lansdowne Parish Church to

vote on the proposed Union with Kelvin Stevenson

Memorial Church.

If you belong to LPC - come along and vote.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

One World Week

Evening Service, Hillhead Baptist Church 7pm. 27th October

Monday, 21 October 2013

Things to come...:

...with other local Church of Scotland congregations:
Sunday 3rd November there will be a meeting of the Congregation at Lansdowne after the morning service to approve the 
Revised Basis of Parish Grouping. This will be available to read from this coming Sunday.

...with other interested parties:
Sunday 3rd November, Pre-referendum meeting
What kind of Scotland do we want to live in? What values and hopes should drive the nation's future? What issues particularly concern you? What should be our social priorities?

The Referendum:Imagining Scotland's Future. A public meeting to discuss these matters Hillhead Baptist Church, Sunday 3rd nov. 2:30pm-4:30pm

...with any who grieve a loss, recent or from the past:
Sunday 3rd November there will be a Parish Grouping 
Service of Grieving and Gratitude at 7pm in St John's-Renfield Church, 22 Beaconsfield Rd, Glasgow G12 ONY

...a full day, Sunday 3rd November 

Thursday, 17 October 2013

photies,photies, photies

Hundreds of amazing photos of Lansdowne Parish church here at

Not the 'former' Parish church though :-)

Going visiting....

This Sunday, 20th Oct.
we will joining friends at
Kelvin Stevenson
Memorial Church
(along Gt. Western Rd, over Kelvin Bridge and turn right up Belmont St)
for Sunday worship at 11am.
Next Sunday, 27th October 
we're back in Lansdowne again, at 11am.

Join us?

Sunday, 13 October 2013

'Those who are travelling the road of life, sow seeds of peace and love'.

Today we were celebrating harvest and asking how the church can best garden and sow seed in apparently stony ground. 
We had a great time learning a song that was new to us from Guatemala (CH4 257) 'Come bringing hope into a world of fear'. Thanks to Tom Sissons who 'made the piano sing' and James Trimble for loan of the piano that sang!
Next week 20th Oct we visit friends at Kelvin Stevenson Memorial Church, Belmont St. 
Join us there 11am.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Whatever next ...(part two)

During the vacancy...
We have a small group of preachers to lead worship week about and some very good musicians to play for us, over the next few weeks.

Rev Fiona Lillie from St John's-Renfield Church is our interim moderator over this period of vacancy, and in a couple of weeks time we hope to appoint Katherine Rennie as locum to take on some pastoral care of the congregation one or two days a week.

No new minister, but a new church...
The number in the Church of Scotland ministers nationally does not allow for a congregation as small as Lansdowne to call another minister, and under the latest plan made by Glasgow Presbytery, it is expected that Lansdowne will unite with Kelvin Stevenson Memorial Church (across the River Kelvin from us in Belmont St.) Over the next few weeks, a draft basis of Union with Kevin Stevenson Memorial Church will be agreed by office bearers and then voted on by the two congregations. If agreement is reached then a new church, with a new name will be formed. More about the time-scale for this later as it unfolds.

So drop in and see us. We'd be delighted to see you and share worship with you.


Whatever next...

What next for Lansdowne Church?...

Following fond farewells and Roy's induction to Pollokshaws Parish Church,

worship continues at Lansdowne Church 

on Sunday mornings at the church hall

This Sunday, 13th October we celebrate Harvest. 

Gifts of food for the Lodging House Mission or money for their work will be collected. They will be grateful for: Tinned Soup, Tinned Meat, Tinned Vegetable, Tea and Coffee, Red and Brown Sauce. They cannot use other donated foodstuffs.

Come and join us ...up the apples and pears 

Monday, 30 September 2013

Thanks ...

.... to friends, fellow-travellers, neighbours, organisers and participants -  for a memorable day yesterday in Lansdowne.

It has been an adventure, and now there are new ones to be had. Words ain't enough!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wrap up warm...

... hey folks.

A wee 'heads up' for all those who are coming to worship at Lansdowne this Sunday - 29th September. We'll be meeting downstairs in the Church and we'll make it as warm as possible, but it is probably best  to wear an extra layer just in case!

Or bring a hot water bottle? Or a St Bernard? :-)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Farewell Rev. Roy...

In case you haven't heard...
Roy will lead worship for the last time as parish minister in Lansdowne Parish Church at 11a.m. on Sunday 29th September. The service will include the celebration of Holy Communion. This will be followed by a lunch to which all are welcome, to say goodbye and thanks and wish him and his family well as they move on to pastures new.
And the new pastures are Pollokshaws Parish (in the land south of the river!) where there will be a service of Induction in Pollokshaws Parish Church at 7p.m. on Thursday 3rd October. Again, all are welcome.

Doors Open Day 2013

According the the Doors Open Day brochure, Lansdowne Church designed by John Honeyman, 1863 'is a major Glasgow landmark, one of the most elegant churches with a famously slender spire. It is in transition and is taking on a new life as a venue in the West End. The building is now a black out theatre but visitors will be able to walk through and up to the gallery to view the stained glass.'

Open Sunday 10 am to 4pm

Note - service 11 am-12 in upper hall.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Lost in Translation

Thanks to friends old and new who pitched up at Presbytery last night. It was personally very moving to see you all. Being both a 'hello and a goodbye' I could not escape a sense of conflicting emotion - and all without leaving the city.

It is a time of transition now,  planning,  packing, letting go, throwing out, looking forward...  none of it unusual, all of it necessary.

As last night's hymns said - 'tis mercy all.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

From the Presbytery of Glasgow

For information of members of Lansdowne Parish Church:

"The congregation of Glasgow: Lansdowne is hereby cited to appear for their interest before the Presbytery of Glasgow appointed to meet within Govan and Linthouse Parish Church, Glasgow on the 10th day of September 2013."

"At this meeting the Translation of your Minister will be discussed, and the congregation will hear the recommendations and the decisions of The Presbytery of Glasgow and its approval or otherwise."

Presbytery begins at 7pm.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

News, official now ...

Well, after the waiting I can now say publicly that the people of Pollokshaws Parish Church wish to call me as their minister. The congregation is now at the stage if signing the call and the Presbytery of Glasgow will be making arrangements about dates and times, etc.

More news in due course.

In the meantime - thanks one and all, here and there, for your support and patience over recent weeks.


Monday, 12 August 2013


Thanks to Anne Muir of Hillhead Baptist Church for her leading of worship at Lansdowne yesterday. Based on primary sources and eye-witness testimony she took us back to the founding of the Iona Community and to the challenge and relevance of that for today.

For me, her thoughts on the things we don't know that we don't know that we are missing was especially timely.

Thanks Anne, and to all who made it happen.

Monday, 29 July 2013


From Roy Henderson

I have been invited to preach elsewhere as a sole nominee.

There are legalities and procedural matters to be confirmed but all being well, this means that I will be on the move from Glasgow's west end in a wee while.

Sunday August 4th and 11th, 11 a.m.

The 11 am service on Sunday 4th August will be led by Kathy Galloway

On Sunday 11th august the 11 am service will be led by Anne Muir, writer, television producer and director and member of Hillhead Baptist Church, drawing on first hand accounts she gathered for an oral history of the Iona Community found in her recent book 'Outside the Safe Place'. 

In telling the fascinating story of the founding and development of the Iona Community, Anne will help us, in worship, to reflect on challenges to the churches today. 


Roy Henderson will be away between 2nd and 9th August when Rev Fiona Lillie will be available for pastoral cover. Her church office phone number is 0141 334 0782.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

July and August - Lansdowne Parish Church, arrangements for Sunday Worship

As per the Facebook entry - the summer services through July and August in Lansdowne will be in the theatre - or church sanctuary as was.

So, On Sunday July 7th at 11 a.m. we gather to celebrate Holy Communion downstairs, entering by the Tower Door (Gt Western Rd) and then first on the left!

We can see how this arrangement works out in practice.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

To blog, or not to blog, ...

I can't help but notice that I don't really blog much. Nor do I read other peoples' blogs. Mostly this site provides a free way to have a web presence for the church and related matters.

Laziness? Better things to do? Nothing interesting to say? Fear? Self-control? All are possible.

I think that maybe perhaps it could be that I am concerned that much of this is a digital form of noise. Have you read the online posts to newspaper stories lately? Pick a topic you know something about, and then read both the print story and the chat rooms. Eek....

Pax vobiscum.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Midsummer Communion at Hillhead Baptist Church

This request and invitation comes from Paul Fraser of Hillhead Baptist Church:

"Dear Singers and Friends,

The Midsummer Communion service will be held a week on Sunday evening, (23rd June) in Hillhead Baptist Church. This service is part of the pregramme for the West End Festival.As in previous years we plan to offer some choir items as part of the service. There will be one rehearsal of these, in Hillhead, at 5pm on the day, with a break before the service starts at 7p.m. If you are able to join us, we would be delighted to see you there. Also, please feel free to invite anyone you think might like to join us and forward this mail to them."

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Big Sing

From St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral Website:

"There will be a Big Sing with John Bell 
Friday 7 June 2013 at 7.30 pm. 
Lots of music with a Columban theme to coincide with St Columba’s Day which will be celebrated on the following Sunday. New congregational song and music from St Mary’s Choir.
All Welcome. Admission Free."

Big Night soon...

At St John's-Renfield Church:

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Not Formerly, yet ....

Picked up a flyer for a rather fab looking event at Cottiers Kelvinbridge. 'The Way of the Drum'  - Taiko concerts on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st June  (£18/£10) and a taster workshop in Taiko drumming - Friday 21st June 1-3pm (£10).

It seems that the big building with the pointy steeple at 416 Great Western Road is  'Formerly Lansdowne Church'. Now, I know what the flyer is trying to say, however it ain't quite 'formerly' yet.  More 'in a state of transition', which is a harder thing to describe.

Suffice to say, the building and various parties associated with it are in the middle of a delicate process of changing ownership, overlapping new and old uses, and a new thing coming about.

Much to ponder, as ever.

Back again,...

Kirk session meeting tonight, West End Parish Grouping Brazil Evening tomorrow night, West End Festival happenings, church service this Sunday at 11 am ... onwards and upwards.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Away, away, away, ...

Roy Henderson, he said in the third person, will be away from 22nd-29th May. During that time, Rev Gordon Kirkwood of Kelvin Stevenson Memorial Church is on pastoral duty and Rev Kathy Galloway will conduct the service in Lansdowne (upstairs hall as usual) at 11am on Sunday 26th May.

Today, at the GA, 3.....

... you know the drill. Click here.

Might be interesting to see if Social Care, Mission, Middle East (yesterday), and Church and Society etc., today, merit the airspace of other, albeit important, matters? I'm just saying, you know!

PS - RH will be incommunicado for a bit. So days 4 and 5 are up to you....

Monday, 20 May 2013

Today at the General Assembly

The media, old, new, terrestrial, printed, digital and whatever are busy with this. Here is the link for what the General Assembly decided today, just so you can read it and make up your own mind.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Place For Hope and the Church of Scotland General Assembly May 2013

For interest and information - here is the Place for Hope flyer with information about 'P4H'. 

There will be a specially organised
General Assembly Fringe Event 
on Tuesday 21st May, 12:30 – 14:00, 
St. Augustine Church Library, 
George IV Bridge 

Sandwich lunch provided.

Interested parties may come and hear about the work of Place for Hope and its role in offering alternative ways to address our differences. 

We will be joined by some of our mediating team who will share their experiences of peace building and exploring what Place for Hope continues to offer the Church.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Christian Aid Week 2013 - Bite Back at Hunger

Well, it is nearly Christian Aid Week again - and there will be door to door collections, and other fund/awareness raising goings ons around this and other parishes. If any 'Lansdowners' are reading this and are able and willing - give Jack Stuart a call about door to door collecting. His number is over there.... to the right.

Friday, 3 May 2013

This Sunday

May 5th - first Sunday of the month, so it will be Communion at 11 a.m. up in the hall on Lansdowne Parish Church. Now with a theatre through the wall!

Here's the lectionary selection of Bible readings for this week.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

A Little bit of Sondheim ...

For those of a theatrical bent. Glasgow Musical Theatre will be putting on 'Into The Woods' in Cotters Kelvinbridge (aka Lansdowne Church) very soon.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Transformation Team

At the Presbytery of Glasgow last night, Margo Uprichard of the Transformation Team, gave a sobering and though-provoking account of the state of things in Glasgow as changes to the delivery of benefits hit home. I've added a link to the 'TT' in the sidebar under the Justice-y, Peace-y bit... over there and down a bit, on the right of the screen.

Is it just me or is there a sense of the 1930s around? (Not that I am that old, you understand....)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Before I head out the door....

Interested parties may follow the link to read the report of the commission set up by the 2011 General Assembly of the Church of Scotland to bring to the General Assembly of 2013 on same sex relationships and the Ministry.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Woodlands Community Garden - Food Poverty

Woodlands Community Garden is hosting a Glasgow Local Food Network meeting about food and social justice.

It is this Thursday, 11th April at 6pm at the WCG office. 
WCG project manager Tim Cowen is keen to pass the word around. 
Follow the links below for more info....

Woodlands Community Garden

Woodlands Community Development Trust 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Appreciation ...

Just a note of thanks to all concerned for a memorable morning at Lansdowne Church last Sunday.

The West End Community Choir added greatly to the colour and music of our worship - and swelled the numbers considerably! Thanks.

Friends for Glasgow Destitution Network and the Nigh Shelter, were on hand too, marking a transition point in their and our stories. All the very best to all involved in the this sometimes tragically important work.

As Martin Hammond moves on to musical pastures new, I am really thrilled to welcome back Tom Sissons and Margaret McLarty as they bring their own character and musical gifts to the role.

And thanks to the 'Lansdowners' for keeping on keeping on.

What surprises, twists and turns are in store for us now? 

You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover ....

Hmm. Interesting!
The Human Library Project comes to Glasgow.
Click on the link and see what you think....

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Holy Week 2013 Day 6

Looking back from this Saturday on to a full week...

Palm Sunday - the two processions of Pilate and Jesus into Jerusalem. Also, a thought provoking afternoon about contemporary Scotland and worship in the Baptist Church.  Questions arising about truth - public and personal, about health, well being and powers that dominate our lives.

Monday - the surprisingly transgressive turns that faith and devotion may sometimes take and indeed demand of us. Time to let down our hair?

Tuesday - we are in the business of dying and rising, real death and then that which is not just 'coming back to life' but is the breaking in of something radically transforming and almost unsayable.

Wednesday - The wound that heals. Judas, Satan and the strange glory of the victim into whose true power the plotters fall. Ok, it sounds fit for 'Pseuds Corner' - but the best way to say it is - 'O Felix Culpa'. 

Thursday - feet washed, a last meal, handing over, denial, shock driven sleep and the Powers doing their worst.

Friday - nourishing and provocative moments of vigil snatched in Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church and St Mary's Cathedral, where Kelvin Holdsworth observed contra Sartre that Hell is not always other people. Sometimes like Simon of Cyrene they help us carry our burden. In the evening - Partick Trinity Church and the abiding question - 'Why Did Jesus Die?'

Today - Saturday. Sabbath. Waiting.  Tomorrow?

Kelvingrove Park Sunday 8 am
Lansdowne Parish Church 11 am
Wellington Church 7pm

Friday, 29 March 2013

Holy Week 2013 Day 5

Yesterday: -
Oakgrove Primary School Assemble, St Georges Tron C of S lunchtime service, worship in Cumbrae House and preparation throughout for Easter Day services. In the evening Maundy Thursday Communion at Kelvinside Hillhead. I am againstruck by the persistence of the gospel witness to Jesus final week... historical (re)constructions, atonement theories, theologies, explanations and opinions abound. But what is there really to say? Especially today...

For me, the verse that does not leave unsaid what we are grasping at is Abelard's:

This night the traitor, wolf within the sheepfold,
betrays himself into his victim's will;
the Lamb of God for sacrifice preparing,
sin brings about the cure for sin's own ill.

Today across the Parish Grouping:
Family worship for God Friday - from 10.30 am at Hillhead Baptist Church
Vigil at Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church - from  Noon  until 3pm
Tonight - Partick Trinity Parish Church - 7pm

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Holy Week 2013 Day 4

After doing my best with John's account of Judas, Jesus and all that, last night, I was at Oakgrove Primary School assembly this morning. Almost out of nothing the young people of the school, via Easter eggs and daffodils retold in far more detail than I expected them to, the story of the last week of Jesus's earthly life.  Inter alia, we touched on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day. By question and answer we together remembered and retold the story, recalling that Jesus rode a donkey as a peacemaker, washed his disciples' feet, and shared a last meal with them.  They told me about Pilate and the crowd, the cross and about Mary in the garden. And how very lively it all was. Hmmm.

I dropped in to the service in St Georges Tron Church of Scotland at 1.15pm. We were reminded of Jesus the servant. Good wishes to all there as they seek to rebuild and to serve in the heart of the city.

Finally, I am just back from a fine time at Cumbrae House as we had a little Easter service with residents, staff and some redoubtable support from Lansdowne people.  The children of Oakgrove inspired the content of this with their lively remembering and retelling of the Easter story. It is, as the hymn says, 'Mercy all'.

Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church 7pm Tonight

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Holy Week 2013 Day 3

Just setting off to Wellington Church to take my turn at leading people in worship as we follow the story of the last week of the life of Jesus on earth - as told by John's Gospel.


What a strange story it is! And I,  as the song says, am a believer. Hmmm ...
What happens in a culture when metaphors die?
Can they still speak to us?
Do we seek or invent new ones?
Do they (re)appear of their own volition?
Do we wrestle, work and pray for their resurrection? Hmmm ...

'Unless a metaphor die, ....' Hmmm ...again.

Tonight, the small matter of Judas Iscariot.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Holy Week 2013 Day 2

It was a cold night and a fair few braved the elements to go to Monday night's service at Kelvin Stevenson Memorial Church.

Gordon Kirkwood and Penny Stuart led us contemplatively as we engaged afresh with the story (in John's Gospel) of Mary anointing the feet of Jesus. Transgressive, extravagant... what are the new things asked of us now?

Oh, and KSM was strangely warm inside - Yay!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Life & Work Magazine Online

Life & Work Magazine goes online today... click the link to have  a  peek.

Holy Week 2013 Day 1

Well, that was Palm Sunday 2013 that was. In the morning at Lansdowne, I drew upon Crossan and Borg's 'The Last Week' for thoughts on the two processions entering Jerusalem. The Imperial Roman procession of Pilate and the Kingdom of God counter-procession of Jesus. In the afternoon, I went to the 'New Road' event organised by West End ACTS. Though provoking. We learned of Scotland's health problems, the impact of consumerism, materialism and of celebrity culture upon us, and of various local initiatives of inspirational communities around Scotland.

One question that arose for  me concerns the role of the 'Church'.  On the very day when the Gospel story was one of Jesus staking a claim to public truth, we heard a challenge to the 'Church' to give a lead. To speak up for alternative values.  When we say 'church' do we mean church national, local, leaders, committees, laity? I am struck too, that this comes at the very time when the very place of faith in the public sphere at all,  is so much contested. Church(es), faith and religion seem to feature in public when there is scandal, conflict or when the 'God question' is debated.

In the evening, there was a remarkable service in Hillhead Baptist Church which again reminded us of Palm Sunday, and reading John 11 and 12 focussed our minds on what lies ahead. Are the two processions described by Borg and Crossan on the move today? If so when, how and where? Do we really face a choice of which procession we belong to?  Is this apposite to the choices to be made in today's secular Scotland?

Kelvin Stevenson Memorial Church tonight - 7pm.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Thoughts of Chairman Roy

This is more or less what I tried to say at yesterday's Stated Annual Meeting of the congregation.

"We live in interesting times. Demanding, challenging, exciting times and a lot has been asked of people in this little church community. A lot is being asked too! 

New membership of the Parish Grouping; offering hospitality to the vulnerable; coming to terms with an altered Presbytery plan; negotiating a new future. Facing the physical reality of works commencing in the church and ancillary rooms – not to mention a change of ownership for the building. Much is changing and much is asked of us. I can only state, as clearly as I can, that I value and appreciate the continued resilience of Lansdowne's people.

It is fair to say that change is coming not only to us but to many in the Church of Scotland, nationally and across the Presbytery of Glasgow, where churches, and ministries will be changing. That is how it is and how it will be for some time. We really do live in interesting times.

Perhaps these circumstances are an invitation to ask basic questions? What is church? What is a parish minister for? What is God doing here and now? Is Christianity credible to people? Or, to put that in other words, is the church, as it is now, a credible communicator of the Christian way?

With these and other thoughts at the back of our minds - there are always everyday things to be done. And as ever I am indebted to the people who organise, maintain, turn up, set up, take down and sweep up, who balance unbalanceable books, ... amongst the big things, these little ones matter!"

March 18th 2013

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

St Georges Tron News

Holy Week and Easter 2013

These are only some of the Holy Week services around the area this year:

Palm Sunday 24th March – Hillhead Baptist
 Church 7pm
Monday 25th  – Kelvin Stevenson Memorial
 Church 7pm (Led by Gordon Kirkwood and Penny Stuart)
Tuesday 26 – St John’s Renfield
 Church 7pm
Wednesday 27th  – Wellington Church  7 pm (Led by Roy Henderson)
Thursday 28th Communion – Kelvinside Hillhead
 Church 7pm
Good Friday 29 – Partick Trinity
 Church 7pm
Ester Sunday 31 – Wellington
 Church 7pm
A Good Friday vigil will be held at Kelvinside Hillhead from 12 noon to 3pm
Easter morning service in Kelvingrove Park 8am led by Roy Henderson, then breakfast in the Crypt at Wellington.

See local church websites, newsletters, notice-boards etc for further news of what is happening there.

West End Action of Churches Together in Scotland presents ...

24th March - 2.30 – 4.30 pm
University of Glasgow Memorial Chapel

'The New Road – A Conversation for Palm Sunday'

A conversation with writers of a new series of books 'Postcards from Scotland' about the transformational changes our society needs.  Is the way we live our lives sustainable, economically, socially and culturally?

Phil Hanlon and Sandra Carlisle:
'After Now, What next for a healthy Scotland?'
Carol Craig:
'The Great Takeover – How materialism, the media and the markets now dominate our lives'
Alf Young and Ewan Young:
'The New Road – Charting Scotland's Inspirational Communities'

Further information from Alison Spurway
Tel. 0141 946 3336
e-mail alison.spurway'at'

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

That'll be an Ecumenical matter....

... click here for the latest C of S Ecumenical Affairs newsletter - it has inter-church news from far and near. And look out for World Day of Prayer services near you on Friday, 1st March 2013. This year's worship comes from France with the theme: 'I was a stranger and you welcomed me'. Our local area service is at Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church at 11 a.m.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


A wee word of appreciation to the people of both churches - Kelvin Stevenson Memorial  and Lansdowne, who met last night to reflect together on our future. Each community faces its challenges and the future is uncertain. So, I say 'well done' to those who took part yesterday and am looking forward to our 'away day' in April. 'Unless the Lord build the house....'

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cafe Church, A Place for Hope

The last Cafe Church for a if you haven't been to one yet, don't miss it!
And here is the link to A Place For Hope's website:

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Extra Session Meeting

There will be a short Session Meeting after the morning service (Cafe Church) on 24th February to nominate an elder to attend the General Assembly this May.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Back again ...

Note to self and others. I am back from study leave and compassionate leave and am looking forward to a few weeks of baptisms and other good things. Roy

Monday, 28 January 2013

Soup and bread and friends for lunch

We had a good time in the company of friends old and new from St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral at the Souper Sunday lunch and regulars and new friends at the Cafe Church yesterday. Lunch raised nearly £250 for the Church of Scotland HIV/Aids programme.Couldn't have happened without the hard working team that cleaned, cooked and baked, sliced and buttered, served and cleared, washed and dried, and much more.

For an insight into the experiences of those who are found to be HIV positive, go to the Christian Aid web site and find 'Stigma under the lens'

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dear Friends,
The Congregation and International Welcome Club INVITE YOU to a Burns Night on Friday 25 January at 7pm in Wellington Church at 77 Southpark Avenue, G12 8 LE.
The evening will be a celebration of the poetry and music of Scotland's national poet - Robert Burns.   A supper will be provided - including the famous Scottish HAGGIS with a vegetarian version available. Tickets are £5 per adult with accompanying children FREE.
Please do come to this unique, fun and very social event. Book your place today by emailing and you can pay at the door on the night. We need to know numbers in advance to prepare the food and allocate seats.
We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will be able to join us for this special event.
Grace Franklin
on behalf of Wellington Church INTERNATIONAL WELCOME CLUB

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Special offer on Sunday 27th January.Not just regular Cafe Church, beginning at 11am, with teas, coffees, catching-up, discussion and worship, but also LUNCH (from 12 noon) in aid of the Church of Scotland HIV/Aids Programme.
All welcome to one or both.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Looking Ahead ...

Now it is 'Back To The Future' time. Yours truly will be on study leave between Jan 20th and Feb 2nd. That is just part of a busy schedule. Works will begin to various parts of the Lansdowne Church building in February and April and on a homelier scale, we have baptisms, Cafe Churches, Souper Sundays and lots else happening. More to come!