Saturday, 21 May 2011

General Assembly 2011

The General Assembly has begun and there is more to it than we might think. You can follow it online here...  GA2011 ... and here is how the BBC reports it. Here is where people who listened to today's Sunday Mornings with Sally Magnusson  programme can find out about David Myers.
If you Twitter you can follow GA2011 at!/generalassembly

And here are daily updates ... 

Friday, 20 May 2011

Sunday Evening 22/5/11

Yours truly is leading the evening service this Sunday.
It will be in Hillhead Baptist Church, Cresswell Street and is entitled,
Contextual Bible Study for Christian Aid Week.
SPCK has published a practical guide to this called 'What is Contextual Bible Study'

'The conviction that Scripture is revelatory literature is a constant, abiding conviction among the communities of Jews and Christians that gather around the book. But that conviction, constant and abiding as it is, is problematic and open to a variety of often contradictory or ambiguous meanings. Clearly that conviction is appropriated differently in various cultural settings. Current attention to hermeneutics convinces me many of us that there is no single, sure meaning of any text. The revelatory power of the text is discerned and given precisely through the action of interpretation which is always concrete, never universal, always contextualized, never “above the fray”, always filtered through vested interests, never in disinterested purity.'

From Introduction p ix of: Walter Brueggemann, Divine Presence Amid Violence, Contextualizing the Book of Joshua, Paternoster: thinking faith, Cascade Books – Eugene, Oregon 2009

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


From the World Council of Churches, for World Sunday for Peace.

Meet Malawi

'Meet Malawi'
at the West End Festival

A grouping of West End churches* warmly invite you to their ‘Meet Malawi’ evening at 7.30pm on Friday 3rd June at Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church Hall in Observatory Road.

Listen … (and dance if you like!) to Malawian music from the Moyenda Band
Enjoy … fresh fruit juices, Malawian cola, varieties of tea, coffee, and snacks
Learn … about Malawi today, as seen through the eyes of a recent visitor, with slides and a DVD
Stock-up … on fair-traded goods from Malawi via Balmore Coach House and home baking from Glasgow!

ENTRY FREE … but by giving as much as you can as a donation you will …
Help to launch the West End Churches, Christian Aid Malawi Partnership Project, raising money for work with partner groups in the north of Malawi, to tackle the threats to life and health of HIV/Aids.
Be involved … in raising £5,000 for this project that the Scottish Development Fund are pledged to turn into an amazing £50,000.

* Hillhead Baptist Church, Hyndland Parish Church, Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church, Lansdowne Parish Church, St John’s-Renfield Parish Church and Wellington Parish Church.

Monday, 16 May 2011


Am heading out to meet councillors, neighbours of the church and interested parties to continue to work together at sorting waste disposal problems around the Lansdowne Church area. Thanks are due to neighbours who have brought this to public attention, elected reps and community activists who are helping and to Jack Stuart, fabric convener,  for manfully cleaning and tidying the west-end porch part of the church... 


Looks like Four Acres and Cottier's have their new website up and running... Yay!

More Arty-ness

Christian Aid - Tent of Nations

Christian Aid Scotland 
invites you to an evening 
with Daoud Nassar 
of the Tent of Nations project in Bethlehem.

5.15pm, 17 May 2011, 
Wellington Church, 77 Southpark Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8LE

Daoud Nassar is a native of Bethlehem. He is a Palestinian Christian, fluent in Arabic, German and English. He is the founder and Director of Tent of Nations – People Building Bridges. He established the project on his family land purchased by his grandfather in 1916 and now threatened to be confiscated since 1991. The Tent of Nations is a project that seeks to bring people of various cultures backgrounds and religions together to build bridges of understanding, reconciliation and peace.

Join us as Kathy Galloway, Head of Christian Aid in Scotland interviews Daoud on his work with Tent of Nations

Tea & coffee will be served before the event.
Free entry, a collection will be made for Tent of Nations at the event.

Held in conjunction with the Church of Scotland Church & Society and World Mission Councils.