Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christianity in Public Life

The press, the internet  and the 'blogosphere' are much exercised by the 'Not Ashamed' campaign.  What do you think?  Ekklesia and the British Humanist Association among others have joined in.

Christmas Arrangements

This Christmas Lansdowne will be joining in with Wellington Church on Christmas Eve/Watchnight  and also Christmas morning. More details to follow. There will also be a community carol singing event at the Community Gardens in West Princes Street on the 18th of December, again more details to follow. Watch this space....

Christian Aid Carol Singing

An invitation from KATHY GALLOWAY of Christian Aid: "Christian Aid is going to be singing Christmas carols on the steps of the Concert Hall on the evening of Thursday 9th December, from 5-9pm. This is late-night shopping time. It's a long time to sing, and we'd love it if there are people who would like to come and sing with us. Songsheets will be provided."