Friday, 9 December 2016

Coming up at Kelvinbridge

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This Sunday, 11th December, 11am
Sunday Club Service

There might be something about a baby....

Sunday 18th December 11am
Lessons and Carols
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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A Space for Peace

The second of our Advent spaces, available to all who use the church building, is a space for Peace. We hope folk will pause and if they wish, leave a prayer and take a blessing. 

In these days, we might feel overwhelmed and distracted by our attempts to prepare for Christmas and all that is involved in this season. We are pressured by all that needs to be done, sometimes anxious about the cost of it all, worried, trying to think what we have missed and who needs our attention and care.

On this day, let us commit ourselves to pause and rest for a time, to be aware of what we are doing to ourselves, to enter into a time of peaceful reflection on the coming of the Prince of Peace.

In the settle and stir of a burnt–orange sunrise,
in the lilting laughter around a table,
in the flash of clarity that sparks insight
and leads towards  wisdom,
we find the peace that passes all understanding.

But, we are aware of those for whom, day by day there is no peace. 
We cry out for repentance of people and powers that peace may come to all.
If we pray, let us pray for peace in these days,
personal peace, and peace for the world.

Jesus says  ‘Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid’. John 14:27

Adapted from In this hour: Liturgies for Pausing, Dorothy McRae-McMahon, SPCK 2001 and Christian Aid liturgy ‘Light the Way’.

A Blessing
In this time of waiting,
may God deepen our desire for peace.
May we seek, strive and search 
for peace for all peoples

Go in peace,
the peace which passes all understanding.
And may the God who is your loving parent
stand between you and all harm.
God in Jesus, the loving one,
look upon you with grace 
and the Spirit visit you
with healing and peace

Adapted from Liturgy for the Journey of Life, Dorothy McRae-McMahon

Friday, 2 December 2016

'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...'

This Saturday, come in from the cold for coffee (or tea) a mince pie (or apple pie) 
carols (in Christmas jumpers) and much more!

 in the Church Hall

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Star prayers

For this season of Advent we will create a space each week in the church where all who use the building at Kelvinbridge can pause to reflect, write a prayer and take a blessing. 
Prayers are written on stars which are left pinned up in the Advent Space. They will be gathered up and shared in our worship.
Each week we have a different theme, this week it's HOPE.

If you would like to share in this just leave a prayer or hope in a comment and we can add to the prayers in our advent space.

A Space for Hope

Advent Spaces 

As the church celebrates the season of Advent, we are offering all who use the building here at Kelvinbridge a space in the vestibule to pause, to rest, to think, to pray, to take away a blessing.
Each week will have a different focus.
There will be:

*A Space for Hope

*A Space for Peace

*A Space for Joy

*A Space for Love

This week we are offering A Space for Hope

A Space for Hope

This week we focus on recognising the small signs of hope which are present among us. In these days we sometimes find it hard to see the signs of hope around us. There are so many signs of struggle, tragedy and suffering. Many are worried what the future will bring. It can be hard to sustain hope.
Let us pause and discover fragile signs of hope, like shoots that push up into the light. Let us believe today that love is stronger than hate, that life-giving things are more powerful than the things that are deathly.
Around the world there are people like us, sometimes living in much harder places in their lives, who also long for hope and look with eyes of faith to find the signs of hope around them .Let us pause for a moment and join our longing with theirs.
When hope hangs low in the human heart, may our loving Creator kindle compassion, breathing life into the early embers of change and empathy.
If we pray, let us pray for any today who feel they have nothing to hope for.
Let us be thankful for those who bring light into our lives.
As Advent dawns, may the God of all hope empower those who plant seeds of peace, joy and love in the world. May these seeds root in our hearts, stretch towards the light, and blossom in beauty.

Romans 12:12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

Adapted from In this Hour: Liturgies for Pausing, Dorothy McRae-McMahon, SPCK 2001 and Christian Aid ‘Light the Way’ Advent Liturgy

A Blessing
May you be blessed with faith and courage
in this time of waiting.
May you see signs of new life 
springing up even in the darkest days.
May God who laboured in love to create all life
continue creating within you 
new hope, new joy, new visions,
that together we might bring a new world to birth.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Thursday 17th November

A young girl carrying wood and her baby sibling on her back, in Luhonga, North Kivu.


In aid of Christian Aid Christmas Appeal
Autumn Supper 
17th November 6:30pm for 7pm
in the church hall
Two course meal + tea/coffee 
Tickets £7 
(from the church this Sunday or e-mail
Amy Menzies from Christian Aid Scotland will tell us about the Light the Way Appeal 

Celebrating Jesus, the light who came into the world, at Christmas we fill our homes with light and laughter, family and friends. But for more than 65 million people who are fleeing from conflict and crises, a joyful home is a distant memory. Forced out by the darkness of violence and fear, they're searching for safety and refuge.This Christmas 2016, another human being needs a beacon of hope. We can be the ones to shine the light towards a brighter future. We can light the way.   

Remembrance Sunday

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This coming Sunday November 13th will be Remembrance Sunday and Morning Worship will begin at 10:50am